How to carry out an advertising destick of his vehicle?

How to carry out an advertising destick of his vehicle?

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Do you want to remove stickers stuck on your car for a long time? Do you want to restore your bodywork to “normal” condition? That’s good, in this article you will find the best techniques to carry out an advertising unmarking of your vehicle.


The different types of stickers used

The adhesive composition of each sticker may vary. It is important to educate yourself on this topic so that you can master ad knockdown and determine what is the best solution. In general, there are three types of automotive sticker glue.

Solvent-based wet glue

This is a type of glue that has been used traditionally, but can still be found on the market. It is made up of polymers which are contained in a solvent. The latter evaporates so that the sticker hardens and takes its place on the vehicle. The material is classified as not very dangerous despite being toxic and flammable.

The addition of solvent is ideal for making a promotional stamp if you are dealing with this kind of glue. This will dissolve the polymers responsible for the adhesion and the sticker can easily be removed.

Dispersion adhesives

This adhesive is the most frequently used when it comes to advertising sticker for a car. Indeed, the substances of this glue are of a great resistance which guarantees its effectiveness for a long duration.

Solvent-based adhesives, just like those in dispersion can be used as glue of contact. The responsible binding agents included in the polymers will take a crystalline form. This will allow a higher bond strength.

With this type of glue, you can unmark the advertising by applying a solvent. Heat and cold are ineffective due to the strength of the adhesives.

Which method to choose for an advertising unmark?

Nowadays, there are more and more ways of unloading a car. It is even possible to get lost in it. That’s why we enlighten you on the most used and most effective.

Hand unloading

Is hand-picked advertising a good idea? Generally speaking, if you try to remove the sticker right away with your fingernails, the result you will get will not be at all satisfactory. If you remove a sticker only with your hands, you will only be able to remove the outer layer of the element. Others try using tools like a spatula or even a screwdriver, but these materials can scratch the paintwork of the bodywork.

Destikage using heat or cold

Most stickers on vehicles are sensitive to heat and cold. This is why we often opt for hair dryers or cold spray for advertising. In addition, this method is suitable for any surface of the car: bodywork and plastics, as well as windows. With this unloading technique, you do not risk any unpleasant effects on your vehicle.

Destickage using a professional solvent

There are special products on the market for promotional sales. These “label removers” are generally effective and act very quickly on the polymer chains of the adhesive.

However, not all professional solvents guarantee a perfect release on all types of cars and present therefore a low risk of damaging the paint. In addition, you have to plan for more than ten euros when the products cannot be stored long enough.

How to make an advertising ticket


Here, we present you an efficient, economical method without having to sacrifice the paint of the body of your car: it is the one with the hair dryer. To achieve this, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Before starting the ad unmark, first make sure that the part to be untickered and its surroundings are clean. So it is recommended to remove the sticker after washing.
  2. After the car is clean, take a hair dryer, it is better if it has a heat adjustment device . Plug in the appliance and turn its setting to hot. Then, position the material a few centimeters from the sticker. It is important to respect the distance between the sticker and the hair dryer in order to avoid the risk of damage to the paintwork if it is an advertising unmark of the body. Heat the central area of ​​the sticker well, then drag the device over all other parts.
  3. When the sticker is warmed up, use a small plastic card to peel it off. Be careful, do not use metal accessories for this step. Slide the card under the edge of the sticker and start removing it gently. Continue until the element is completely detached. For this step, the plastic card is not mandatory, you can remove it with your bare hands. If you are having trouble removing the sticker, it is not hot enough yet. In this case, do not hesitate to use the hair dryer again.
  4. To remove the glue residue, you can apply thinner: you can for example use gasoline or alcohol. burn. Alternatively, you can also repeat the heating step on the remains of the glue and remove them using the card.

The CosmétiCar solution for the advertising of your vehicle

If you want to avoid wasting time or damaging your bodywork, we recommend that you call in a professional vehicle advertising desticker.

CosmétiCar agencies, specialists in car washing , also offer a vehicle advertising de-tagging option. Mobile, the specialists come to the location of your choice to carry out your removal service.

Choose expertise and practicality, contact one of our CosmétiCar agencies.